Blog Post #10: Tuesday, MArch 3rd, 2020

Your Closer Than You Think

For someone who’s worryingly indecisive, I’m surprised that little has changed about my decision to pursue Psychology. I’m a first year Arts student, and my projected major is Psychology (hoping I don’t suddenly have a change of heart anytime next week)...

My final goal of becoming a clinical psychologist is going to take me much longer than I would like, but recently I’ve discovered that I might not have to wait as long to help others in a similar way. Personally, my goal is to make access to mental health services such as counselling more accessible in both response speed and cost to the general public. How exactly I’ll go about doing that is something I have yet to figure out. But in general, seeking support should be an option for everyone, no matter how mundane or trivial that source of frustration or distress might be. The movement in normalizing use of mental health services is one in which I want to play an active role as soon as possible, but I spent the better half of my high school years thinking it would take me 9 years and a whole lot of debt.

However, as my first year at Queen’s comes to a close, I can say I’ve learned a lot about extending my school interest beyond just the textbooks and the degree – “putting myself out there”, so to speak. In the coming school year, I hope to be a volunteer for the Peer Support Center and really start to be able to offer support to others rather than just daydream about doing a job I won’t have until I’m 30. Moral of the story: there’s always an opportunity much closer than your end goal that’ll be worth just as much.

By: Anonymous