Fall in Love with Yourself and Every Piece that Makes YOU.

Blog Post #9

We each have our own connotations for love, whether romantic (devotion), familial (appreciation) or for our best friends (affection). What comes to mind when we think self-love? Do you have an affection for yourself? Do you appreciate yourself? Are you devoted to yourself? - Marah Lidey

Though Valentine's Day may come from dark roots, February 14 has become time for love birds and Galentines alike to celebrate their favorite four-letter word: Love. Valentine's day has come and gone, and for many, it was a day of love between partners, friends, and family. A time for us to come together and share the love with those most significant to us. On the other hand, many believe Valentine's Day to be a commercial holiday where the only people benefiting from the manufactured holiday are greeting card companies who placed a market value on love.

If you are stumped, three other ways to fall in love with yourself this love season is to one, accept the you that you are today. Lidey says that your weight, your hair, your personality, your laugh, your kindness, your dance moves. All of this makes up who you are right now. OWN THEM. Fall in love with every piece of what makes you, you, and learn to build on the beauty that already exists. Two, set boundaries, because sometimes it is more than okay to say NO and make time for yourself. Learn to set your own limits and clearly articulate them. This takes a tremendous amount of courage but can also be liberating and earn you some newfound respect. Three, Laugh with yourself. What I love to do when I feel down is watch comedy reels and laugh out loud with myself. When is the last time you laughed out loud by yourself? Have fun with yourself and remember to fall in love with every piece of what makes you! Kisses!

If we keep putting ourselves last, we won't truly reach our true potential. There is so much to discover in ourselves; we need to make time for us to find how truly magical we are! So this Valentine's weekend take some time to love yourself! It is all about YOU. Buy yourself some flowers, chocolates, make yourself a bath, and have a date night with YOU, and hey I heard To All the Boys P.S. I Still Love You was a major hit.

- Anjolaoluwa Ogunsina ( QBPA President )