Blog Post #4

Finding Balance

It’s now the middle of the semester and all the midterms and assignments are starting to get closer and closer together. I know that I am the kind of person who functions well when I am just slightly busy, but not too busy. It’s a hard balance to explain but I think we all function like this to an extent. When I don’t have lots to do, it’s so easy to procrastinate and just do nothing, but when I have too much to do it becomes overwhelming. I find myself slipping between the extremes: overwhelmed and stressed, or not doing anything.

If you’re like me and you are struggling with this too, I have good news and bad news. Bad news is that it’s not an easy fix, there’s a lot of trial and error. Good news is that there is a solution. What has been working well for me recently is scheduling. I have a timetable and I plan out everything I’m going to do for the day. I first block in my classes, and then I block in time to get the most pressing assignments done. Then I schedule my workout and figure out when I’m going to eat meals (sometimes during class….oops). Once all that is in, I feel like I can manage my life. Everything feels calmer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t stick to this schedule everyday, and in fact, most days I don’t. But for me, the act of scheduling alone calms me down and makes me feel like I can tackle the day.

Now Scheduling your time might not work for you, I had to try many different things before I realized that this is for me. I tried journaling, I tried meditation, I tried getting one of those really cool colouring books, and at some point, I even tried taking up pottery. But just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. There’s a world of possibilities and various avenues to explore what caters to you best and helps you find a good balance in your life. I hope you find your healthy balance!

By: Anonymous