How Extracurriculars Help Me

Mindfulness #2

It is very easy to get overwhelmed as university students. On top of our main focus of doing well in school, we have to juggle countless stresses as we transition into young adults, and eventually start our careers.

I have found that participating in extracurricular activities is a great way to destress and take my mind off of school. As a second-year student, most extracurriculars have been online due to the pandemic, but they’ve still been very valuable to me. While some clubs may still be related to school, it is typically a more relaxed and enjoyable experience than actual schoolwork.

I think the extracurricular activity that I’ve enjoyed the most is intramural sports. So far I’ve only played soccer but I plan on trying out more sports in future years. Having grown up playing soccer, it has always been an activity that I’ve used to manage my stress. The great thing about intramurals is that there are different levels of competitiveness. I can play at a higher level where people want to win, or I can just play for fun. It’s also been one of my favorites because it's an in-person activity. During my first year when I was more or less stuck in my room or the library, being able to get out and play soccer was something I really looked forward to.

Making use of the extracurricular activities available to me has definitely helped improve my mental health, and helped me deal with stress. When I’m not making time for the activities I enjoy, whether it's teams/clubs, working out, or relaxing at home, the stress from school weighs on me much more and it can become overwhelming. That's why extracurriculars have become an essential part of my life.

Thank you for your time!

By: Luke Sultan-Khan