Blog Post #2

This Is Not My End

I’m not too proud to say I have failed. Another summer has come and gone and it's weird to say that it wasn’t a breeze because that’s what summers are usually like. It’s all really hit me hard in the last month. After using the whole summer to study for a test to make or break my next steps in life, it's hard to say that I could not end up on top after four months worth of preparation. Looking back at it, I probably should have done more in order to better my chances. I should have put more focus into studying for BioChem or maybe Phycology. But in reality, having to balance studying, working and having a social life all at once is backbreaking. Going through it, I knew it wasn't going to be a cake walk especially having only taken 2 practice tests. I thought my confidence could carry me through. Oh well.

I’ve only started to talk to others about my score, I tell myself “next time you’ll get it”, but in this moment I’m kind of relieved. I’ve already started looking at my other options. Going through high school, I thought there was only one route in my life. Having failed has really opened my eyes to my possibilities. Maybe I don’t need to go to med school anymore and I’m ok with it.

Hi, my name is Anonymous AND I FAILED. BUT THIS IS NOT MY END. It's only the opening of my options.